This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 21 Commentary

The Missing Pencil! There are 8 Nanas?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

The year is almost up, and exams are almost here. Nana’s reaching the end of her year of studies. (I can only imagine the Yasaka Oogi High School’s classes being even more difficult than the fast-track class.)

It’s nice of Haa-chan to credit her group for Nana scoring so well. I’m with Hitomi and her “oh brother” look on this one. At least they’re supporting Nana instead of teasing her.

I’m a sucker for outfits making use of card suits for some reason. I guess it just makes the outfits all have some kind of connection. This is the case with the trio’s coats, as Haa-chan’s has a spade, Ko-chan’s has a diamond, and Mo-chan’s has a heart. What, no club? Their trio obviously needs a new member. Hitomi, you busy?

Nana may say Kamichika has Kayano, but that’s obviously destined not to work out. Nana need only be near Kamichika until he realizes this.

Nice scene with a Nana taking the gift pencil, not showing the pompoms on the Nana’s sweater.

Again, Nana goes into blame mode, starting with Nanappe this time. Really, she needs to work on that. Even worse, all the other Nanas seem to be about the same. Which…makes sense.

I’m not the only one to notice the Nanas strangely empty closet. Nanapon’s found it a nice place to keep her voodoo dolls, it seems. But, what does the strange Nana need that many for…?

Lucky for Grandpa, he doesn’t have to eat fried bread anymore. Now if only his dinner wouldn’t go missing.

On one hand, I think Nana should be ashamed for thinking one of the other Nanas took her homework. On the other hand, it was a Nana doing everything, and not one of the other six as is evidenced by the eighth charm doll.

It might have taken losing half a day, but Nana does a good job starting to put things together. She really has grown over the last year.

The trio continue to amaze me more and more with their support of Nana. It’s only too bad something had to ruin everything for Nana just as it was getting to be very good for her.

Hitomi, however, I find unreasonable, as she walked away from Nana. No matter what “Nana” may have done, she’s known Nana for so long, and knows about the other Nanas. How can she just dismiss their longstanding friendship without asking Nana for at least an explanation?

I can understand Nana’s blaming the others as she thinks about the things “she” did the day prior. Everyone is blaming her for things “Nana” clearly did. This is different from blaming over a pencil going missing.

When Nana heads out during lunch, it appears Hitomi was ready to give her another chance. Maybe she just needed to cool off a little bit.

The eighth Nana is an ignored Nana, one Nana pretended didn’t exist. That’s gotta’ be a sad life, to be the non-existing Nana.

I can’t remember the name of Hitomi’s school of choice, but I take it it was Arashi-no Yama High School, as Nana’s exam for that school as a back up is in a day. I think Arashi-no Yama means “Stormy Mountain”.

Nana takes her exam using a normal mechanical pencil, rather than the one from Kamichika. She’s one step closer to being able to get by on her own, without support from Kamichika in any way.

The eighth Nana claims Nana should have failed the exam. Either she’s saying Nana should have failed so she would have no choice but to get into Yasaka Oogi, or she’s saying Nana should have failed completely…

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