This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 22 Commentary

Visible? Invisible? Welcome to the Haunted House

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

Yet another new character is introduced. Shown before, it’s now know Diablos is the name of the one attacking the fairy king. With Diablos’s attack continuing, Beth is quickly reminded of how she lost of faith in others. This cannot bode well for Cocoloo’s efforts on Beth joining the other candidates.

With Beth at least joining the other candidates to further her goal of becoming the Platinum Princess, she’s just in time to join the group on their way to the spirit world.

Being back home and surrounded by people she knows, Cocoloo’s a lot more lively, and smiles a lot. If the town didn’t look so gloomy, Cocoloo might even resemble Nikolay’s painting of her.

The museum which Cocoloo suggest to be the location of the crystal flower also once held a piece of the Eternal Tiara. The security doesn’t seem to have any sort of upgrade since a certain young knight used a magical sword to cut through the locks and chains almost two decades prior.

Everything seems to be pretty much wrapped up for Arc if he’s randomly out to visit with Yucie.

Elmina just continues to take more shots at Glenda, repeatedly. By now it seems to be a game for her, as she knows Glenda can take it, and will make things more lively in return.

Beth finally reveals all. Without knowing Elmina and Cocoloo’s hopes for the Eternal Tiara’s wish, I’m sure it’s safe to say Beth’s intended wish is the greatest of all the candidates’.

Having Glenda tell Beth to apologize to the caretaker certainly was unexpected. Even though Yucie may think Glenda hasn’t changed any over time, the changes are certainly there.

Seeing all the residents of the nearby spirit town offer to help find the crystal flower, Beth certainly has a lot of think about. She finally believes the other four candidates to be solid friends, and they’ve offered to help against Diablos. But, as no good event goes unpunished, Diablos isn’t sitting idle. Even Arc appears ready to take action.

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