This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 20 Commentary

Passing Grade Guaranteed! Charms Gone Awry?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

It was good to see Nana not fall for the trio’s “good luck charm” idea—at least until she was shown proof of its ability. Haa-chan looked extra proud, and I don’t blame her for wanting to show off her perfect test score.

Nanapon is expected to believe in a good luck charm, although I’m sure Nanapon is less than convinced. It isn’t really nice of Nana to blame not getting a fortune key chain on the other Nanas—that makes her worse than the little kid blaming his grandmother for being too slow.

It’s embarrassing to see Nana going for the whole “good luck charm” thing, and I really do feel for poor Hitomi, having to accept a banana peel as a charm. Unfortunately, this leads to Nana doing exactly the same as Haa-chan did: believe the charm, not her own ability, lead to a a high score. The problem can only exacerbate when even Nanasama starts to believe in the charm’s powers. They’re just banana peels!

The “Go Kaku Eki” (Passing Station) is based on an actual station in Japan. I’ve forgotten the name of the station, but among some studying students, it’s believed that having a train ticket from that station will allow one to pass their entrance exams.

Nanasama sounded extra-excited to find a five leaf clover. I didn’t even recognize her (Japanese) voice.

I’m not sure about Nanakko and the genius guy statue, but I do wonder: what good does it do Nana if Nanakko is hugging the genius?

Both Mr. Handa and Hitomi know the charms don’t have actual powers, but the trio only make things worse by egging Nana on. Er, that wasn’t meant to be a pun, really! It just slipped out.

Do the Nanas really have to throw out the ramen? They could just store it away until after the exams are over. With the seven of them, they need to save all the food they can, with what it must cost to buy food for all of them.

Once again, it’s good to hear Mutsumi’s voice. He needs more screen time. And of course, he’s the one to reveal what I wondered earlier. You have to do something lucky yourself, without assistance from others.

Too bad Nana isn’t being as fired up about studying as she is about getting charms.

Grandpa may be a nice guy in telling of the ginko leaf charm, but it’s obvious he just wants a decent meal. Did he not think through to the dangers of Nana climbing a ginko tree, with the chances of falling?

I love the sweater the bell kid is wearing. The hood and single, front pocket style is my favorite type of sweater, and a style I wore all through high school.

With a charm bag made by the other Nanas, Nana is about ready for the entrance exams. Kamichika didn’t even come up once. Nana’s becoming quite the student, and is seeing things through for herself.

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