Cardcaptor Sakura: The Mini Bootleg

This is yet another release of the AnimeCartoon copies of the episodes, but not released by AnimeCartoon. What’s special about this release is that it comes on only two dual-layer DVDs. It may read “Multi-aspect Include 16:9 Widescreen Digital Video With High Quality”, but don’t let that fool you. This is 70 episodes across two dual-layer DVDs, and at a much lower quality than the eight single-layer DVD releases out there.

Release Information

I can’t seem to find anything about this “Ferrari Culture Communication” group, but they have other bootleg releases (advertised on the Cardcaptor Sakura bootleg packaging) which I assume follow the standard of “a whole series on one DVD” (although Cardcaptor Sakura has enough episodes to warrant two DVDs).

Ferrari bootleg screenshots.

Full-size DVD loading images: one and two.

Box Art and Quality

There isn’t a “box” so much as a “paper cover”. Inside is a more sturdy paper sleeve which holds two DVDs.

Be sure to read the text on the back cover — it’s not to be missed.

CCS: Mini Bootleg (Back Text)

Kinomoto Ying (Kosakura) was originally an ordinary fourth-grade students. The result of a lucky coincidence opened a card filled with the mystery books. Suddenly a strange to get rid of all the cards are, then this book, the patron saint. “seals beast” unimportant (Kei Road Aberdeen), emerged. These were originally known as “the Secretary Lofa card” cards represent the different forces of nature and life, if lost control, will bring to the world a wide range of disasters. Kosakura accepted the patron saint of the kind commissioned Mofabang with its patron saint. shoulder recovered “Secretary Lofa card” important mission through hard work, eventually recovered all the “Secretary Lofa card,” and in kind, with the help of Lee Reluctantly others become “the Secretary Lofa card,” the real masters so “the Secretary Lofa card” has become a “Kosakura license.” Since then, world peace can be restored.

DVD Art and Quality

CCS: Mini Bootleg (Disc)

The DVDs are dual-layer. This is expected as the entire series is spread out over only two DVDs.

The two DVDs seem sturdy, and in a test for errors, the first DVD passed. The only difficulty in error-checking was the move from one layer to the other, but this might be common. It was my first time testing a dual-layer DVD. The second DVD was not tested.

The artwork on the DVD is beautiful. It’s the highest quality item about this release. Both DVDs use the same artwork, featuring Sakura in her school uniform and rollerblading gear, with Toya and Yukito to one side, and Li and Tomoyo to the other.

CCS: Mini Bootleg

Video Quality

Video resolution is 320×240 pixels (actual size 352×240). The official release (and other bootlegs) use a resolution of 640×480 (actual size 720×480). The video is brightened, leaving colors very washed out. This is especially noticeable as colors wash out into bright white areas.

Ferrari bootleg screenshots.

Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

In various instances, sections of the color red are filled instead with large, blocky green artifacts.

Ferrari bootleg screenshots.

You can check the shoe and bow at their original sizes.

Audio Quality

Audio was tested using sound-isolating headphones.

Audio quality can be compressed and lowered a decent amount without losing any noticeable quality. In the case of this DVD release, with about 35 episodes squeezed onto each DVD, the audio quality is unbearably lacking. Theme songs sound decent, but many times dialogue is scratchy.


There are no subtitles, although there is a DVD option for subtitles.

Episode Selection

Episodes are called “Chapters”. There are four menu pages with chapters, nine to a page, for a total of 36 episodes on the first DVD.

Ferrari bootleg screenshots.

Full-sized menu screenshot.

The episodes on the menu are represented by video clips, a common method used on DVDs. What’s different about this DVD is all the episode clips appear to be from two or three episodes from the latter half of the series. Rather than a clip representing the content of the episodes, it’s essentially random. It’s impossible to tell which episode is which without manually checking them, or referencing an episode list elsewhere.

Chapter Points

Chapters points are at the start of each episode’s opening theme song.

Extras and Omakase

There are no extras, and Kero’s Omakase is not included.

DVD Error Check

Error checking is done by doing a bit-for-bit copy of the DVD to my computer. If this is successful, then the DVD has no physical errors. If the process cannot complete due to inability to read the DVD, then there are physical errors on the DVD.

There are two DVDs in this set. The first is 7898 MB in size. After reading 48% of the DVD, errors were encountered, and copying could not continue without skipping data. I chose not to continue. One error is all it takes to make a significant portion of an episode unwatchable.

The second DVD is 7955 MB, and hit an unpassable error at 50% of the way through in copying. This DVD also came with a crack at middle, but nothing extended onto the data portion. This may be an unfortunate chance that mine is cracked, and not indicative of the general DVD quality from this “distributor”.

The Verdict

Verdict: The only things this set has going for it are 1) the ability to watch over 30 episodes without changing DVDs and 2) the summary on the back. Because these are the AnimeCartoon bootleg, with no subtitles, and at a low quality, this isn’t just a set to pass on, but probably one to actively run away from if you see it coming your way.

3 Responses to “Cardcaptor Sakura: The Mini Bootleg”

  1. Aldareon Says:

    I’m kinda miffed. I should have taken the opportunity to get the box sets when I had the chance in ’05. Unfortunately the only version I ever saw in Australia was the Cardcaptors version.

    Was about to buy the $600 complete set from Amazon when the purchase was denied due to the foreign policy. Then I read your review. Colours off?!? Cropping?!? On second thought, I think I’ll just head off to Chinatown and get me that AnimeCartoon version.

    If the popularity of Tsubasa Chronicles is anything to go by, hopefully the licensing company will wake up and realize how much more they’d make if they actually re-released the series. Petitions anyone?

  2. Chris Says:

    If you don’t mind the compression used, the AnimeCartoon/AnimeStudio is the way to go for the original colors with English subtitles. My should-have-been-posted-by-now, but-isn’t-ready-yet final bootleg review is of the best quality video + best quality DVD you can get from the bootlegs. This is the cover. It’s the AnimeStudio release, which is the same company as AnimeCartoon (to my understanding), but the DVDs (physically) are much higher quality, with better DVD artwork as well.

    Unfortunately, I think the only petition that would get anywhere would be a pre-order petition where countless people handed over enough money to cover the cost of licensing and subtitling. The official region one licensed translation already exists, but there’d probably be work required to apply the subtitles to the remastered media.

    Well, we can still dream!

  3. becky Says:

    I had only watched the anime, but I don’t think i finished everything of Cardcaptor Sakura… But I wish Sakura and Li-kun can have a happy and really romatic ending .. OMG I’m always so curious just because its romantic.