This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 21 Commentary

All Together! A Song to Join Their Hearts

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

The king’s grave is quite massive. I’m going to take a guess that it holds the passed on for many generations of royalty, and not just Arrow’s father.

Beth sure is confident of her own ability. She still doesn’t seem fully confident around the others. I’m sure it doesn’t help to have Cocoloo lean out from through a wall in front of her, either. Here I was afraid Cocoloo’s wall-walking days were over.

Elmina’s “angry face” looks less than impressive. It suits her. I would be nice to see Belbel’s angry face after being blown away by Beth. Surely even she gets angry at times.

Beth’s line: “She did.” Well worded, nicely executed. If you don’t recall this line, it’s after Glenda says Elmina added words.

While Glenda upholds the rivalry between the demon and sky worlds, Elmina’s the one who seems to harbor prejudice towards the demon world’s citizens. It shows up once again as she tells of how the demon people always dress so extra-flashy, and I’m glad Glenda called her on it.

As it turns out, Elmina really does have an “angry face”, as she really gets into it with Glenda. Apparently she couldn’t hide behind her innocent, “Cocoloo, it seems Miss Glenda is unhappy,” lines anymore. On top of that, what Elmina says to Yucie when Yucie tries to bring everyone back together is even worse than the words Glenda uses.

Seeing the team fall apart went right in line with Beth’s own vision of things. Can’t blame her after what she’s been through in the recent path back in her own world. The come-together should have her just about ready to join in the group. Of course, showing most of the bit players from the series in the audience is a sure sign that something big is about to happen, and soon.

No good time goes unpunished. Beth enjoys a day on the stage, only to find the problem concerning her father has spread to the human world. She’ll be in it alone if she can’t learn to trust again…

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