This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 20 Commentary

Confession! A Ball for Two

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

With just more than a few episodes remaining, a new character has appeared. I knew that crystal flower contraption looked like it held a dark secret, but it seems Ercell is not the one behind it. Being Platinum Princess will mean more than getting a wish, and it seems the Platinum Princess will be decided at a Final Scene. While Beth has passed the Scene of Light, there’s still the spirit world’s crystal flower to be obtained.

For some reason, Arrow cannot be satisfied concerning Gunbard. Ercell has let it be known that the king was Arrow’s true father.

The sky king must want his daughter to stand out most of all. Elmina’s dress looks too showy to me. It would be different if the ball were in her honor or something.

Glenda absolutely enjoys the dress from her mother. I would have liked to see the dress from her father. Knowing the demon king, though, it might look like something out of Shakespeare or Tarzan.

You’d think Yucie would be used to a few falls by now, especially after the bridge fall some time back. Now she can add another “life saved by the prince” to her resumé.

Seeing Beth try to get around in a long dress is priceless. The dress design is simple, but the strings really give it a good look. She doesn’t seem to be used to being complimented on her looks, as she turned red in the face at Cocoloo’s comment.

Even without the magic of her headpiece, Beth sure can leave in a hurry.

Yucie was worried for nothing about her dress—the hay was completely gone from it in no time…

I still don’t care for Fredrick’s voice, but I think I might be getting used to it. He didn’t seem to expect to have Yucie curtsy at him before leaving.

Poor Yucie never gets to be around when Arc talks with her father. This should clue Arc in that Gunbard doesn’t want Yucie hearing what’s being talking about. What’s the problem if he’s not the Gunbard Arc is looking for?

Looking at Gunbard’s past, it seems Arc could have asked Lord Drago about “Princess Ercell” dating someone. But how could anyone have known that Lord Drago knew what Lord Drago knew? Arc could still have asked, “Who completed the Eternal Tiara?”

So, Arc’s sword has magic, and has been passed down through his family. This explains how the librarian knew Arc was really Prince Arrow by his sword use. Little could Arc and Yucie know that that same sword had been used to the hero, Courageous Gunbard, to travel through the five worlds.

The story of Gunbard and Ercell is one filled with great love and greater tragedy. A whole series could be made on their tale alone, on the relationship of a princess and her knight, and the princess’s efforts to wait for her knight to return as he journeys across the five worlds in search of pieces to a powerful relic. A knight risking his life to overcome his social status of birth, and be with the one he loves. I would be surprised if there wasn’t already many fanfics on this. Good fanfics on this, however, would be something to treasure.

A life risked, a love lost, a heart broken. It’s understandable why Gunbard built his home far away from town, in the peaceful forest, and why he would rather be away from people. What could it be he does for a living to buy all that food to make feasts for Yucie? As for Yucie, Gunbard finding her probably saved him from losing his mind to despair.

Did Arc think Gunbard may have been his real father? Had Gunbard and Ercell married, would Gunbard still have found Yucie, leading to her being raised as a princess? She is, after all, the only candidate who is not a princess. I don’t recall if Cocoloo was said to be a princess, but it’s rather obvious if it hadn’t been said yet. At the father day school event, maybe Chawoo said something about the “spirit king” being very shy; I’d have to re-watch it to check and see.

Yucie gives good advice on being an adopted child. It’s made clear that Arc wonders if Gunbard is his true father, and be that the case, he wanted to know what lead up to his birth. Yucie’s speech about her father being the father who raised her is a good lesson.

Arc is starting to see Yucie as an adult, and has acknowledged their childhood meeting. Now they can just toss Arc aside, and move on to Cocoloo’s crystal flower episode. Then again, maybe another episode where Beth gets closer to the other candidates can lead to her joining them on their quest to the spirit world.

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  1. Lizel Sequerra Says:

    well i really love Queen Ercell and Hero Gunbard,, i love their love story sadly they broke up… and because of that i starte making my own comics of queen ercell anime romance in my four notebooks,, i copied Queen Ercell here but i changed the look of gunbard… comics that are beloved by my class mates and teachers… they say that it`s full of sweet & romance…. well if ya have time look at my fs, just found ercell and that`s me`h…. there are many petite princess yucie images.songs. and others… thank you!!!

  2. Lala Says:

    If Gunbard is anything like the father in the game, he gets a royal stipend for being a hero.