This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 19 Commentary

New Year's Eve With the Whole Family! Panic! Mom and Dad Return!

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

Once again we see Nana cleaning, and only Nana. At least they were supposed to be helping out this time.

It was already said that Kamichika knew Kayano since they were both young. Nana and Hitomi have been friends since they were both small children (as Hitomi has mentioned before), but now it’s revealed that they may even have known Kamichika back as children.

You’ve gotta’ feel sorry for Nana’s father when Nana runs to her mother, and then casually notices her father, only to go back to talking with her mother. Poor guy.

It seems Grandpa is Nana’s father’s father.

I’m surprised it was Nanacchi and not Nanakko to consider getting into a school in America would be a lot easier than in Japan. Must take looking at the bright side of things to think of that.

Grandpa’s speech about how even one Nana missing in the spring will result in Nana vanishing with the prism, it reminds of a question: Just how does he know this will happen? Does he really know anything about what he’s talking about?

The mayor seems to have a close friendship with Nana’s parents, as well as with Grandpa. While Nana’s parents call him “mayor”, he calls them all by their first names.

When Nana is heading to talk to her parents about America, Nanacchi is waving a white cloth. I’m not sure what this means in Japan, but in the States it’s a signal of giving up—quite the opposite of what Nana’s ready to do.

Grandpa’s offer to move to America on the condition that he’ll live on his own sounds like he’s setting things up so the other Nanas can stay with him (which is determined by the Nanas in the next scene). This could give each Nana time with her parents. That could be strange, though. “Honey, why does Nana always seem very happy on Mondays, extra sensitive on Tuesdays, somewhat angry on Wednesdays, and rather intelligent above normal on Thursdays?”

Another English moment comes when Nanasama answers the phone to show her parents how far along she’s come. The dub I believe handled his as well as they could, showing how “Nana” can handle troublesome solicitation phone calls.

The car Grandma drives looks so tiny. Do they even make cars that tiny?

Even though he seems a bit of a pushover, Nana’s father’s really a good, kind-hearted, and thoughtful person.

I have to ask, though; is it really the new year with no snow at all? Maybe Nana’s city is in a place that gets snow at the start of December, then warms up before winter really begins.

All-in-all, a nice, easygoing episode. Nice focus on Nana and her family.

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