General Speech Patterns in Cardcaptor Sakura

I’ll be (slowly) doing a series of posts on dialogue translation, using Cardcaptor Sakura as the material. Whether or not I can make it through all 70 episodes, I don’t know, but I imagine many things will come up again and again, and I’ll eventually give those their own pages. In the meantime, I’ll be setting this page aside for character mannerisms and repeated speech patterns.

Characters in Cardcaptor Sakura have their own ways of speaking. Because these mannerisms exist in every episode the character appears in, I’ve decided to compile them in one place, rather than repeating their explanations every episode post.


Sakura looking to the side.

Nothing yet.


Kero floating, eyes closed.

Nothing yet, but I expect this to fill out nicely due to his Osakan accent.


Tomoyo with her hand to her chin.


ともよ uses the polite form of verbs. This includes using ます, ません, ました, です, and other polite forms.


The suffix わ (not to be confused with the particle は, which is pronouced the same) is a “sentence ending” used generally by females. Naoko Chino in All About Particles, page 56, writes that わ softens the tone of a statement.

The suffix ね has many uses the same as わ, but can also be used to [indicate] emotion or feelings of admiration.



This combines だ (the familiar form of です), with a meaning along the lines of “is”, with the particle ね. As with ともよ in an entry above, ね here makes for a soft-spoken closeness to さくら and her brother in ゆきと’s speech.

2 Responses to “General Speech Patterns in Cardcaptor Sakura”

  1. Asuka Says:

    The words that Sakura makes up (“Hoe” “hanyan” etc.) should definitely make it onto the list. =D Anyway, I’m very interested in seeing this page develop in the future.

    P.S. Your “Tomoyo” is currently spelled as “Tamoyo” in hiragana. =P

  2. Chris Says:

    Nice catch on the Tamoyo ^_^;; I’ve fixed it now. I’m sure I would have noticed it eventually. …maybe.

    I’m actually hoping to move forward on this series of posts soon. I was planning on doing posts by full episode for my dialogue translations/attempt to increase Japanese vocabulary posts, but I’m considering doing posts on scenes from episodes instead, which should make life easier on me. Here’s hoping I can get around to it. I have plenty of time for it, that’s for sure.