This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 16 Commentary

Culture Festival Heartbreak! A Four-Handkerchief Tearjerker?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

While the Nanas talked about Nana being on the committee, their faces seemed to look strange to me the whole time. I don’t know why. Intended style, or bad animating? They do look normal again in their next scene.

Finally, my Ko-chan episode has arrived. I was afraid she and Mo-chan would be skipped for their own episodes.

Nana is becoming a lot more confident in herself and her abilities. That makes it that much harder to see the Fast-Track class completely blow her off about the festival. And of course the trio will be the trio, taking pleasure in Nana’s problems. Hitomi continues to be Nana’s best friend, a role I don’t expect to see ever change.

Looking back on a previous episode, Nanasama isn’t the only one able to fall asleep with her eyes open. Seems that’s another trait Nana can employ that she probably was never aware of.

The sketchbook girl returns, and she’s a student of Yasaka Oogi Junior High. Kamichika’s ambitions are all falling into place if her name is the name on the envelope…which Kamichika confirmed. Tsukie doesn’t seem so nice to Nana now that she knows Nana is aiming toward Yasaka Oogi.

While Ko-chan may not have had too big of a part in the episode, she does get a decent amount of face time, and is the vocal one of her group, which is nice. (Now if only her English voice sounded more like her Japanese voice. I don’t care for her English voice so much.) Ko-chan’s best part is definitely her speech ending in the trio choosing to stand behind Nana in her exam efforts.

In the end, Kamichika has a lot in common with Nana, and Tsukie doesn’t like either of their ways about trying for Yasaka Oogi. Hopefully her view is personal, and not held by a majority of Yasaka Oogi students, junior high or high students.

Does everyone (Tsukie? Trio?) not notice that the Seven Rangers’ costumes change back and forth? Really, I’d think something like that would be at least a little noticeable.

The Nanas may be seven different Nanas, but they still are the same Nana. In the end, Nana’s emotional pain is all of theirs. Seven of Seven may be average as a series goes, but this far into the series, this scene packs a lot of emotion.

I’d like to know more about Kamichika’s reaction after seeing Nana. I highly doubt his expression was due to noticing her costume was different, nor do I think he was realizing that Nana was dressed as Blue Seven, the same Seven Ranger he thought was her back in America.

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