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Seven of Seven: Episode 15 Commentary

To Each Her Own Entrance Exam!

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

Poor Nana, just as she’s starting to enjoy school, is doing better with her studies and learning, and is spending more time with Kamichika, Nana disappoints Kamichika with her false reason for wanting to enter Yasaka Oogi High. A series isn’t worth watching if only good things happen to the characters, and this is just the thing to keep Nana pushing to succeed. Or to drop her into depression. Probably the latter. Now if only she’d ask Kamichika what his own reason is. That could be interesting.

Hitomi definitely has her own priorities in life in order. Between taking her planned college courses, and possibly spending time running her parents’ Hamo restaurant for a while, she’ll be more than prepared for opening her own restaurant. That doesn’t guarantee things will work out without hardship, but she’ll be very much prepared.

Nana’s never once mentioned what she wants to do as a profession, and probably has no idea. Hitomi has her business plans, Kamichika might have photography.

I’m going to take up calling the trio the names they call one another: Haa-chan, Ko-chan, and Mo-chan. Since I’m not good with the kanji for their names, their names are difficult for me to remember.

I’m glad Nanappe got a little bit of screen time without the other Nanas. The Nanas each had an episode of their own, then went back to being six Nanas all doing mostly the same thing.

Haa-chan and traditional Japanese dance. Who would have guess? Haa-chan is cute in her kimono.

No one has inner conflict like Nana does. She literally gets to watch herself takes sides amongst and against herself. Even though the writers had to put three Nana to a side on whether Haa-chan would be better off following her dreams or staying with her friends, it’s still worth noting which Nana takes which side.

It’s of course obvious Nanasama would be for following ones own dreams in life, rather than holding oneself back to stay with friends a little longer. Nanappe was able to see Haa-chan in a kimono and hear directly about her plans for after junior high, so it’s expected she’d be in a position to support Haa-chan’s efforts. Nanacchi is Nanacchi, so I’ll take it to be likely that she’d support Haa-chan just to see how she looks dancing in a kimono.

On the other side, Nanarin and Nanakko definitely are the two I’d be able to assume the position of, supporting the trio staying together. Nanapon, much like Nanacchi, is one where I find myself unable to predict which side she’d take, so I’ll just go with the writers that she’s be for the trio staying together.

I realize there are cultural differences between Japan and America, and I’m simply watching a cartoon, but I have to wonder how accurate some things are in the school compared with actual Japanese school. When Ko-chan and Mo-chan are trying to get Mr. Handa to intervene with Haa-chan’s future plans, Mr. Handa says he’s already talked with Haa-chan’s parents, and he and Mr. Maruoka have approved Haa-chan’s future plans. Does this mean they could have disapproved, forcing Haa-chan to go to a high school against her will? Or does that simply mean Haa-chan’s parents were unsure on whether to let their daughter take this path, and Mr. Handa assured them that it was a path worth taking?

About Purple Seven’s Tuxedo Mask (Sailormoon) rose toss… No further comment.

I thought I noticed earlier on, and I can definitely hear it in this episode. It must still be summer. The cicada are still hanging around.

Haa-chan’s had an episode now. Will Ko-chan and Mo-chan get their own episodes? It seems unlikely as the ominous next episode preview sounds like it’ll send things spiraling out of control for Nana. And here I was hoping for an entire episode about why Mo-chan wears sweatpants instead of a skirt with her school uniform. Actually, to be honest, I’d love an episode to get to know more about Ko-chan.

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