New Year’s Resolutions, Goals

A resolution is formally expressing ones intent to do something. Simply intending does not equal actually doing. I prefer the idea of goals, things to be met. Goals accompanied by a timeline. Having a timeline and a clear goal doesn’t mean something will get done, but saying “I will have completed task A by time period B” tends to be a lot more effective than “I will do A this year.”

So, rather than resolutions, I have set myself goals.

  1. I will complete one Princess Tutu episode music analysis by the end of each month, and one month before posting it. I already have January’s finished, so this means I will begin and complete February’s before the month ends.
  2. I will complete my analysis of at least one Cardcaptor Sakura bootleg each month. I have an introductory post planned for January, so mid-February is my deadline for having the first bootleg analysis complete and online.
  3. I will sit back and enjoy at least one anime series of decent length without writing up by-episode commentary. I may still write some episode commentaries, or commentaries to cover a handful of episodes at once. I have no problem writing up commentary per episode, and I enjoy the extra time spent writing and gathering my thoughts, but it sometimes slows down watching a series a little when I have time to watch a few episodes. (I’m thinking a rewatch of Saint Tail would be good for this, as well as a rewatch of Cardcaptor Sakura. Long live hanyaa~n.)
  4. I will marathon at least three series, writing up either a series preview, series review, or some manner of commentary covering the entire series.
  5. By the year’s end, I will finish ripping all the classical music CDs I bought dirt cheap from on Black Friday. Problem is, I’ve ripped eight CDs as Ogg audio files, I have 52 to go, and I’m wondering if I should start over in Flac format.
  6. By the year’s end, I will buy another 500GB SATA hard drive to keep as an external drive to share between my PC and laptop. I’ll store all my music there.
  7. By the year’s end, I will have cleaned up categories for this site, as well as have made it easy to access all posts via the site-map. In the meantime, this post gets categorized as “Thoughts”.
  8. I will post more comments (meaningful ones) on anime blog entries which I would like to comment on, but for whatever reason do not.
  9. I will try partaking in at least one anime forum, although I do not expect it to last long. (I’m not really a social person.) The upside is I could work a forum reply of mine into a blog posting.
  10. I will stay away from IRC again this year, for it is a place where I’d never fit in nor desire to. (This is tossed in as a guaranteed easy one.)
  11. I will expand my range of posts to more than episode commentaries. I have some things in mind, some things in the works, but don’t know well they’ll turn out. Won’t know if I don’t try, right?
  12. I will take more cute, adorable anime figure photos each month.
  13. I will continue to write walls of text with no images breaking them up. Wait, that not a good one… Maybe I should use those cute, adorable photos to break up walls of text.
  14. I will avoid writing lists with an unlucky number of items in them.

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