This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 15 Commentary

Petite Princesses Reborn! New Tasks

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

A girl mentions Cocoloo being from the spirit world. I just realized that the previous episode revealed as much about her. I forsee the spirit world’s crystal flower as the next to be obtained, with the fairy world’s being last, after Beth gets more screen time.

The girls are now headed for higher level classes, as the Eternal Tiara has chosen them as worthy as candidates.

The Platinum Curriculum means…more jobs, starting with a kindergarden job.

When the kids are troubling the candidates initially, Elmina tells the kids ever so calmly that their playing with her wings “hurts somewhat”—I’m still wondering if she’s even notices her wings are out when she tries to enter a doorway and cannot.

This episode includes a childhood friend of Yucie’s. This gives a good look at roughly how Yucie would be had she not stopped aging, and finally starts to put her true age into context. Sometime’s it’s hard to remember that the candidates are actually 17.

Finally, Glenda wears the same outfit as the other girls. These outfit may be ones loaned by the school rather than made from the pendants, assuming the school stocks outfits for 10-year old helpers.

When the girls try to get the kids to line up for their picnic trip, Elmina gets extra points for telling it like it is: “If you cannot follow the rules, you will not amount to much.”

The kid that Glenda holds hands with as they walk, his English voice sounds like an 80’s cartoon character, but I can’t place which character. This is going to bug me for a while yet. He and the red-haired boy trouble Yucie both have English voices sounding like adults trying to sound like kids. I’d say this is my first complaint of the dub thus far.

I need to read up on if Japanese kids use forks with their lunches. It looks strange to see forks used with some of their Japanese-style meals.

As for as I can recall, after Yucie falls in the water, this is the first time her clothes actually get wet. In the previous episode, after walking through waist-deep water, Yucie and Cocoloo emerged without a drop of water on their outfits.

It’s good to see another episode where Yucie really messes up, although I’m on her side here.

At the end, Glenda’s showing her softer, more compassionate side with the look her face as she and the others look over Yucie, Pac, and Lena.

Once more Ercell looks down, this time looking at the Eternal Tiara. Does it always glow like this, or did the Scene of Light do something to it? I can imagine it using the heart power stored in the pendants to transform them so they can send that power directly to the tiara. But why does the tiara have them do these tasks to fill their pendants with this energy? Is it really to see which is worthy due to being a good person, or does the stored energy of the five candidates have a greater purpose?

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