This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 13 Commentary

Love and English Conversation! A Mid-Air Rendezvous with Yuichi?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

It’s finally time for the episode the dub mentioned when Mr. Handa and Mr. Maruoka talked about a foreign exchange program.

One of the first things I notice is that it’s definitely still summer, as the cicada are still quite noisy. And, it’s up to Nana again to hang the laundry. I guess if the other Nanas have less than a year left, it’s better they spend it lying around and doing nothing rather than helping out with the chores…

There’s finally mention of the cost of having seven Nanas, when Nana says airfare for the seven would be too expensive. Grandpa must have a bit of wealth stored in order to pay for food for the seven.

It’s apparent Nana’s been studying when she uses her English on the other Nanas. Things are really looking up for her when it comes to schooling.

The dub takes a different direction on the plane, as it would be difficult to work with the original manner. It’s a bit difficult to convey that the characters are on a plane where the flight attendants speak English, not Japanese. I think they handled things well enough in the dub. After Handa says Kamichika is too young to drink, I love Maruoka’s English line: “Do as we say and not as we do.”

The gal providing the lunches could use more practice on English. I’m surprised the company who made the show doesn’t have deals with ADV or any other American dubbing company on getting an English speaker to voice small parts like these.

When Kamichika opts for no meal, his English is “No hungry. No thank you,” but I’m sure he would have fared better on a test. It’s difficult thinking out what to say and how to say it when on the spot, especially when speaking to a native speaker. (On the other hand, the flight attendants must be used to many foreigners, and would surely be understanding of strange English.) It would be nice to know how Nana would have handled that situation. Would she have been up to it, o would she have stumbled over her words?

It’s good to hear Mutsumi again. He needs another appearance. I might just have to re-watching his episode sometime.

On the plane, even the pilots speak with weird English. I hope Japanese anime with small English parts eventually consider contracting English speakers (in this case, it would be America animation voice actors) to play this small parts. They could add subtitles (either in English or Japanese) to make it easier to follow along for Japanese viewers.

The teachers are amazing role models, aren’t they? They tell Kamichika about how you can drink as much as you want on an airplane.

Red Seven accidentally activates her Seven Ranger Radar. I wonder how many other secrets there are which they don’t know about. If it were me, I’d think back to the Seven Ranger series, and try to do other things with the outfit that the series characters could do.

I have to ask: Couldn’t the Seven Rangers find some way to get into the plane without dropping everyone’s luggage into the Pacific?

Nice one with Seven Rangers telling Kamichika they know all about Koto City. That should spook him a bit…

When the Seven Rangers decide to take control of the plane, it’s Blue and Orange in the pilot and co-pilot seats. So much for Nanakko being the slow one of the group!

My favorite scene in this episode would have to start with Kamichika suggesting calling the Seven Ranger Robot to help out, and ending with Blue Seven saying they don’t have one and Kamichika saying he thought that might be the case.

At one point, Green Seven calls the Yellow-Green Seven by the name “Light Green Seven” in the Japanese. Was she always called this in the Japanese? I’m going to wonder about this now…

One place where the dub unfortunately fails is when Kamichika gives Blue Seven his phrases book. I won’t go into how it fails, but I do congratulate the dubbers for doing as good a job as they did with what they had to work with when dubbing.

There’s something about Japanese and “Oh my God!” I can’t quite explain it, but it seems to be an expected reaction from Americans, such as when Nana and Kamichika say they can’t speak English, and get an “Oh my god” back over the radio. I won’t say anything about stereotypes, though, as “oh my God” is said commonly by Americans…

Blue Seven handles English much better than Kamichika. Even Kamichika notices.

For the English dub, I’m amazed at how they handled a lot of the use of English in the Japanese version. Instead of Mr. Handa being the one who can speak English, he’s explained as getting his pilot’s license soon, which works for the episode. The part where Kamichika gives his conversation book to Blue Seven is replaced with her finding a Japanese/English translation book, which is kind of silly. It’s a bit broken, as well, as it was found after the person over the radio said to find the pilot’s manual, but before Blue Seven and Kamichika said the pilots were unconscious. The dubbers get points for effort, however. I wonder what the episode would be like if they kept English for both the Japanese and English, and treated certain speakers’ (flight attendant, radio man) English as unknown to the Japanese characters.

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