This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 14 Commentary

One Mystery After Another! The Fairy World Princess

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

Even if only for a moment, another job is shown where Glenda is serious and Yucie is carefree. Glenda really needs to work harder at getting jobs without Yucie along.

The plot moves along quickly, as it’s almost time for the Eternal Tiara to select and reject candidates. It hasn’t yet been established why Cocoloo wants to make a wish, and she looks rather worried at the thought of being rejected by the tiara. While it’s expected that Cocoloo would be worried, more interesting is Elmina’s reaction, looking at her pendant. With her more reserved nature, and Yucie’s outgoing nature, Elmina may find it hard to compete on filling her pendant with the power of her heart.

Joining the candidates on their way to the tiara’s Scene of Light is the fifth and final candidate, Beth, the fairy world’s princess. Initial thoughts are: Why hasn’t she been introduced before now? Appearing just in time for the Scene of Light is cutting it close. Why was she never seen at the Petite Princess Academy? Surely she has a pendant like the other candidates, but has she filled it even once with the power of her heart? Oh, and like Cocoloo, my first reaction was also, “You’re a girl?”

Along with Beth is her steward, Belbel. Being voiced by Tomoko Kaneda in Japanese gives her a very cute voice, especially with her sentences ending in “desu”. This translates well into English with her soft voice and ending sentences in “yes”.

Acknowledging another candidate, Elmina doesn’t complete her thoughts. “The fifth who is also” what? My guess? “The fifth who is also 17 and trapped in a ten year old body.”

Now, why does Cube even give Lord Drago a back scrub? He talks about not having much free time, so does that mean this is where his free time goes? Not personal hobbies or activities of his own? You’d think he’d have more free time with Yucie gone so much, but maybe that just means Gunbard gives Cube more tasks. It would be nice to know more about Cube, Gunbard, Lord Drago, and how they all tie in to one another.

Beth explains to Cocoloo my prior questions about why she didn’t appear yet. Trouble in the fairy world kept her there.

I’m still curious: If Glenda could call her broom from the demon world to the human world at any time, they why couldn’t she obtain her broom in the sky world?

Fun line from Belbel: “I’m not hiding anything, no, yes.”

Ercell’s surprise that Beth joined the other four candidates makes Beth even more suspicious. (Never mind that by this point she’s kidnapped Cocoloo.)

I’m going to assume Beth is not as light as Belbel, so walking on water must be magic. Couple that with her magic barrier around Cocoloo, and we have another magical princess. That’s aside from her ability to control the entire forest. I’m still waiting to see if there’s any magic known to Cocoloo (I see walking through walls as a birth trait) and Elmina.

Beth’s water dragon attack suggests her helmet either gives or increases her power. Elmina’s quick pose showed was definitely ready for a fight here—it’s good to see her reaction to such an attack, since the last time an attack came her way (in the sky world), she knew it would stop just before her, thus showing no reaction.

Either Glenda has been around Mr. Gaga too long, or Mr. Gaga around Glenda too long. Just as Glenda is always repeating her elegant, fantastic line (which Chawoo is tired of, but I still enjoy), Mr. Gaga often repeat about his honor as a steward for over a thousand years. I’m still wondering if he knows anything about the previous Platinum Princess.

Thankfully Beth’s powers are not unlimited, as it was beginning to seem with all those water dragons. If her helmet does indeed affect her ability, then it can’t been to good for her mind if she pushes it too far with using magic. It seems she has a greater reason than wanting to grow up, as she aspires for the Eternal Tiara’s wish. While Yucie, Elmina, and most likely Cocoloo don’t have pressing matters to attend to as adults, Beth may be more like Glenda, needing to become an adult to protect her world from dangers.

I still can’t tell whether Elmina acts the way she does towards Glenda on purpose or not…

Elmina’s previous unfinished thought turned out to be as I thought, as she questioned Ercell on there being an un-aging candidate from each of the five worlds. Fancy that none of the other candidates pieced this together, or at least hasn’t suggested they thought of it. Yucie’s to carefree to wonder about it, Glenda only cares about the wish, and Cocoloo I’m uncertain of.

The loner attitude of Beth should contrast nicely with Yucie and Glenda’s ways.

This episode, the ending scene’s changed partly. Elmina gets a prominent placement, as well as places for Beth and Cocoloo, Yucie with Arc (when will we see him again?), and the whole group. Beth looks interesting in her school uniform, and Glenda’s unique uniform (down to the shoes) definitely stands out.

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