This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 15 Commentary

The Tiny Guest

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

Another easy-going episode. There’s little to say with an episode like this.

The condition under which Saga can play her mother’s piano is for the manager to be away. He keeps the piano clean, but doesn’t seem to be too fond of Saga. There has to be more to the story. You’d think having someone playing the piano occasionally might be good for business, no?

The scene with young Saga in the snow has been expanded upon. If young Saga and her mother had an event anything like with Kanon and Saga in the music store, then young Saga might have fled after being scolded for interfering with her mother’s playing. This doesn’t seem likely, though, as young Saga is shown playing for her mother, and the Saga out in the snow appears older than when she’s playing the piano for her mother. At least it’s becoming clearer why the piano is shown in the air during that scene.

With a little kid of course comes more than one cute scene, such as Kanon proclaiming “I’m three!” while holding up two fingers. Then there’s the Kanon and Sugar scenes, such as the dance at dinner, and Sugar empathizing with Kanon over the shampoo.

While the music store manager may not be fond of Saga playing the piano, I don’t doubt for one moment he knows she plays it every time he’s away. It doesn’t seem Paul’s been formally punished for it, either. During Saga’s piano performance in the music store, it’s highly anticipative what will happen with Kanon beside her. The fairies and Paul may have enjoyed the music, but I was too focused on expecting those off-key notes to start banging their way in.

What isn’t off key is Kanon’s English voice. Her giggling is perfect, and her crying is just fine. It wasn’t until about a third of the way into the episode when I realized she had a good voice. That is to say, I didn’t give a single thought to her voice prior. If she had a bad voice, I would have noticed it right away, and it would have been bothersome to hear for a whole episode.

My only comment on Greta’s new hairstyles is: no comment. It did lead to Saga’s wonderful line, “You don’t know the meaning of fear,” so perhaps it was worth it. Also, it lead to a second of two cute “airplane!” scenes.

Poor Sugar ended up swirly-eyed twice this episode. Somehow the swirly-eyed expression seems out of character for the proper Pepper. Salt’s ~_~ face is quite fitting.

Saga’s motherly side has made an appearance. Actually, it’s been there quite a bit with watching over Sugar up until now. The difference is that Sugar’s on her own, and Kanon is under the watch of Saga and Grandma Regina. Actually, it’s probably because Kanon is so much like Saga when Saga was that age that Saga worries so much for her.

Kanon’s fall has been the most dangerous event in the series thus far (as Phil’s explosions tend to be minor compared with a little child about to fall). While suspending disbelief is somehow easy for me in this series about fairies using magic to control seasons, I had trouble believing Kanon could learn a whole piece in whatever amount of time she stayed with Saga and Regina. True, her mother is a pianist, but back at the music store Kanon’s idea of playing the piano was banging on it for fun. Maybe Kanon has the same drive and ambition as her mother, as well as Saga and Saga’s mother, for the piano. Place that alongside wanting to do something for her mother, and maybe it is possible. Then again, she’s only three.

I had noticed early on that Saga and Sugar have similar hairstyles. Add Kanon to the similar hairstyle club.

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