This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 13 Commentary

A "Twinkle" Found?!

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

An easygoing episode is a nice episode. It’s not as if this episode was without purpose, of course. Not only Elder, but Ginger and Turmeric have confirmed that the Twinkles are found when spending time around a human who sees Season Fairies. Also, it’s revealed that while Sugar’s Magic Flower had budded, Salt’s and Pepper’s hadn’t yet. Now that Saga’s becoming involved in Sugar’s search, it’s only a matter of time before the three fairies are full-fledged Season Fairies. But will Cinnamon and Basil get their acts together?

Cinnamon and Basil appear again, and it certainly won’t be the last time. What about Phil? When will he return? I’m impressed with the pacing of this series, and how they leave out characters completely unnecessary for an episode.

I can see potential building up for future episodes in Anne’s carrying the “Romeo and Juliet” play and in Saga’s fan club of the lower class students. Poor Greta won’t be able to live down that dance routine—I had a feeling the students would remember her from that. This means the students may have gone to see the play at least twice, as Greta and Saga performed in different showings.

Watching the opening theme, and seeing the part with Greta trying to show off her watch, I was reminded of how I expected that to be something in every episode. Show off the watch one episode, show off the ring another, show off something else another time. I’m glad they didn’t take that route with her character. Sure, she does show off other things such as her ticket for a show next year, but it’s not a daily thing. It was shown enough to establish her character without dragging it out needlessly.

I enjoyed seeing Saga get involved, especially when she went to see Elder. It’s uncommon for Saga to go around interacting with fairies other than Sugar, and Salt and Pepper, so it was a nice change of pace to see her grabbing Elder from the air and questioning him for information.

One of these days Saga needs to see if any store sells miniature pencils. It’s just too exhausting for Sugar to use such a large pencil to write with. Still, the large pencil keeps a good sense of Sugar’s size.

If being with a human able to see Season Fairies is the only way to find Twinkles, then this would mean Ginger and Turmeric also have known humans able to see them. What about Sugar’s mother? Did she know Saga’s mother closely? Sugar is listed (at least on the official web site, and maybe also in the character profile on a prior DVD) as being the equivalent of nine human years old. How many human years has she actually lived?

Between Elder’s certainty of Saga finding a Twinkle, Ginger’s saying they may find one if Saga’s with them, and Turmeric’s suggesting they’ll find a Twinkle on the way home with Saga’s help, it should be only a matter of time before Saga discovers what a Twinkle is. She already says by the episode’s end that it doesn’t matter if the Magic Flowers are growing while they’re having fun.

Salt’s learning real fast how to keep the secret of Twinkles from half-fledged fairies, telling Cinnamon and Basil a repeat of what Elder told his trio prior. Saga is also learning to control her anger around Sugar, especially when Sugar’s already feeling bad about a situation.

Whenever the trio play their instruments, I never hear Pepper’s harp. Is it a really quiet sound, or do I just have bad hearing for it? Time for me to re-watch the lost-in-the-forest concert, and try to catch the sound of her harp. Ah yes, on re-watching, I can hear the harp. It really hides under the sounds of other instruments, doesn’t it?

If even for a moment, Saga was as eager as Sugar to find a Twinkle. If the ending theme is any indication, Sugar’s Magic Flower will gain one more bud before blossoming.

This time around I dropped a screenshot of Saga and Elder to keep the screenshot of Sugar holding the pencil. It’s difficult to decide at times. The Saga and Elder image was from a distance, and the Sugar one close up, and I tend to favor closer up screenshots.

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