This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 7 Commentary

Heart Joining Melody

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

It’s always nice to see everything fall into place after few good and bad events compiling into a huge bad event. In the process, the final two fairies are introduced (assuming the opening theme segment shows the entire cast).

Without realizing it, Saga has become too close with Sugar to part ways with her now. Sugar’s hopes and dreams are shared with Saga. Now if only they could successfully share a room… It’s not just Saga, either. Both of them act and react as if they’re together, only to realize they went their separate ways.

I had a feeling it would be Pepper who would read Sugar’s letter to Saga. Either her or the elder, but Pepper’s sweet voice (Japanese version) much better matches the role.

Does Sugar commonly forget she’s a fairy and thus has the ability to fly? That sounds like forgetting you can walk.

Phil continues to interest me. While he’s into science, he’s not above the unknown. Rather than ponder over whether ghosts can or cannot exist, his task is to investigate rumors of hauntings and capture proof. Can’t we find something other than a vacuum to catch ghosts, though? That’s been way overused (Ghostbusters, Luigi’s Mansion, Danny Phantom…) By the way, when will Phil’s two pals get introduced by name? “Jan” and “Alan” appear in the credits, so perhaps those are their names.

Thunder Fairy Basil and Ice Fairy Cinnamon certainly know how to have a good time. While they may misuse their magic, they are further along than Sugar, and probably further along than Salt. Pepper seems comparable, but not able to keep up a wind as long as these two can dish out their magic. I take it the horns on their heads are hats. The drum-pounding Basil seems decent and playful enough, but I don’t know what to make of Cinnamon’s face and scream when he’s clashing those cymbals.

I can accept the events behind Sugar joining Basil and Cinnamon’s gang, but I can’t figure what the boys have to gain by adding Sugar as a member. Maybe they admire her tomboyish nature, and hoped to reform her into a mischievous fairy.

In a flashback, Saga said her mother’s hands must be magic. Was it not a coincidence that Ginger’s rain cleared away when Saga played her mother’s melody on the school piano? Did Ginger clear the rain away, or did she look upset because another melody had control over the weather? What condition is present when a human is able to see Season Fairies?

So, will Sugar continue to look for Twinkles, or will she stop, seeing as her Magic Flower plant is growing “on its own”? And what about Pepper and Salt’s plants? How about Cinnamon and Basil? Do they even care? Will any human characters get a big spot any time soon?

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