This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Episode 6 Commentary

I Couldn't Say Sorry

Collage of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar screenshots.

I would like to know if Sugar knows Turmeric. I can understand the elder and Ginger being in Sugar’s dream, but not Turmeric.

More about Sugar’s mother is revealed, giving Sugar a hefty goal. She has a long road ahead of her in life. At the same time, Saga has only her memories of her mother, and what her mother left for her. Unfortunately, Sugar cannot realize what she does wrong if she doesn’t understand Saga’s past, if she doesn’t even know why what she did was wrong.

Sugar’s playing seems to have, for the most part, gotten worse. Maybe she’s trying too hard? Then again, she hasn’t played much on screen until now, so she might have been trying her best during prior playings. Now I know her instrument is a piccolo, not a flute. I admit I know next to nothing about musical instruments.

If I’m piecing things together correctly, I imagine Saga’s mother died when Saga was still a young girl. This probably lead to Saga running away on a snowy day, but it was Sugar’s mother’s snow, which kept Saga safe long enough for the people in town to find her. This may relate in some way with Saga’s ability to see the fairies, although the true reason might not be revealed until near the end of the series.

The name on the music book looks to read, “Ingrid Bergman”.

Greta is rather fit if she can take a tumbling dive into something, and pop back up like it was nothing. I still say, you have to feel bad for her because of the trouble she’s caused by both the fairies and Saga’s reactions to the fairies. If anything, she may think Saga’s picking on her.

Saga’s lucky to have family and friends who can tell when something wrong. She and Sugar did have a chance to make up, but they were both children about the situation. You’d think they were children or something. That’s not to say adults are any better about it, of course.

The final scenes of this episode were very well put together. To have Grandma Regina recalling how much Saga loves the sheet music from her mother, and as the words are said we see Sugar writing with crayon over the music sheet, you can’t help but feel the chill of someting bad about to happen. Foreboding increases as Saga collects cookies for Sugar, ready to make up. Leading up to Saga’s reaction to seeing the crayon drawing over her precious sheet music, and up through Sugar’s tears, this may be the best scene yet in the series.

I’m finding episodes of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar to have very little happen per episode. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, simply an observation. I’m comparing against series such as Petite Princess Yucie and Princess Tutu, which contain many events per episode, and Saint Tail which often contains few events. A Little Snow Fairy Sugar I find to have a good mix between number of events and length of events within an episode for the series.

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