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Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 10 Commentary

Is It Destiny? The Library Re-Encounter

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

This episode brings two outfit transformations for the characters, and both times Glenda introduces her own unique take on the design. The librarian outfit is quite conservative, but Glenda chooses to wear it sleeveless, and with a skirt rather than a dress. After the chief librarian, Rosa, scolds them, and sends them to work in the basement, Glenda’s outfit is different colors from Yucie and Cocoloo’s outfits, as well as being a short-sleeved shirt with short overalls, rather than long. She must really not like having her arms and legs covered.

Magical powers appear again as Rosa covers up the broken window. She uses a wand, perhaps to focus her powers. Because she carries such a wand, she probably uses it a lot around the library.

Poor Glenda, it must be hard being the princess of the demon world with elegant beauty and fantastic magical powers, and having to work in a library basement moving dusty, old books around. Now if only jobs like this would keep her humble…

The episode makes good use of showing the suit of armor early on in the episode, as it’s used later on.

Arc returns. He denies being a thief as Yucie suggests. And he’s back to tapping her on the forehead, as well as calling her “Forehead” by name. (He also gets Yucie’s “beedah” face again. I’m sure this time won’t be the last.) And yet she can’t stop thinking about him. She’s got to be stuck on how much he reminds her of the prince, not to mention the whole saving her life thing back in the woods that one day. Thus we get the first meal Yucie makes for Arc! (I’m not quite sure how the ingredients she picked work lend themselves to use in sandwiches, unless she uses them to make an interesting spread.)

It was nice to see a scene with just Glenda and Cocoloo, but of course Chawoo had to get in the way and make noise. This may be the start of a nice little rivalry between Glenda and the ghost. And Glenda’s smarter than she looks! Or perhaps she’s just devious and cunning enough herself to know something’s up when Yucie wants to continue working in the basement. (But to later think Yucie found treasure down there? What was Glenda thinking?)

When Yucie takes the food she made to Arc, his actions suggest he does believe her about her age. Would he really put his arm around her and pull her close like that if he really thought she were ten years old? Sure, it was to give her forehead a kiss, but still. We find Arc still looking for information about the Eternal Tiara. Yucie of course takes this opportunity to tell that she wants to use the tiara’s wish, so she can become an adult, rather than staying forever a child. Following is a cute cute scene where Yucie thinks Arc’s going to kiss her (after saying he’ll treat her like an adult) only to get another forehead kiss. Once more, Arc does something reminiscent of the prince, as he holds out his hand to help Yucie up.

We learn the Eternal Tiara was once split into five pieces, because of its great power. Someone had to have travelled to each of the five worlds to piece it back together. But who, and why? And why does Arc seek this person? There are still plenty of mysteries to be revealed.

By the way, why is Elmina already working upstairs? Did she work in the basement previously? My apologies to Miss Elmina, but I simply cannot see her working in such conditions. I hope she gets other jobs where she’s scene doing manual labor, the same as Glenda’s had to put up with (her attempts to offload the work into Mr. Gaga notwithstanding).

The book telling about the divided Eternal Tiara depicts in simple art the five worlds: human, demon, sky, spirit, and fairy. The book’s representation for the sky world is an angel, and a devil for the demon world. Stereotype much?

When Rosa quietly entered the basement, did they use computer generated graphics for the door opening? It looked like this before, too. At chief librarian, you’d expect Rosa to take better care of the library’s books. Maybe she isn’t so concerned because the library may very well have over one million books, but she seems to act carelessly when she sends the books flapping through the air after Arc. What if he used that sword of his to damage the attacking paperware?

Speaking of Arc, he shows his power again, using his sword to dispel Rosa’s magic. It’s obvious he’s the prince, as Rosa tells Glenda and Cocoloo that she’s the person she realized he is isn’t a bad person. And she passes on her information to Queen Ercell.

Poor Glenda must have a hard time living in a paranoid world. Not only must Yucie have been trying to sneak out with treasure found in the library’s basement, but one mention of her father, and she completely falls for it with full worry that he might really be nearby.

Arc finally acts toward Yucie “as an adult”. (Elmina’s calm “That was a kiss” was simply priceless, as the other three watched on, jaws dropped.) Arc has acknowledged Yucie as an adult, but does he remember her from their childhood?

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