ADV Films 15th Anniversary Sale

ADV Films is having a 15th Anniversary sale, and have dropped many items down by up to $15 dollars. Even though their new web site is barely accessibly and difficult to use, be sure to check it out. I don’t know how long the sale will last, so be sure to hurry and purchase if there’s anything you’ve been planning to buy!

A few recommendations of mine would be:

Angelic Layer ($25.00)
From CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth), the story about a young girl and her new friends who compete in battle via thought-control of dolls.
Azumanga Daioh the Animation ($40.00)
A slice-of-life comedy following a handful of high school girls. Makes use of Japanese humor, so various jokes may not be understood by non-Japanese.
Petite Princess Yucie ($36.00)
Remaining age ten for the past seven years, Yucie finally has a chance to become her own age if she can become the Platinum Princess. This is one of the series I’m writing commentary on.
Princess Tutu ($40.00)
To save a prince, a duck becomes a human. Once human, she may transform into Princess Tutu, a prima ballerina able to save the prince, whose heart has been shattered. Just don’t let the cover artwork on the site fool you. That’s the rival princess, and she doesn’t dress quite like that in the series, only in that one artwork.
This one is a phenomenal value at $40. In Japan, buying the whole series one DVD at a time would set you back over ¥30,000, and in America the six DVDs sell for $30 each. $30 times six DVDs is $180. $180 or $40. You do the math.
SuperGALS ($20.00)
Ran Kotobuki is the number one GAL in Shibuya. What trials will she and friends face in the daily life of being GALS in Shibuya?
Note that the second half of this series was released without English dubbing by another company after ADV Films for some reason never dubbed the second half.

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