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Seven of Seven: Episode 8 Commentary

Confess Your Love in English! K.O. the American Tutor?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

Nana is surely learning more about herself as she sees the other Nanas, ignoring the mail until they learn it’s a letter from their mother. The Nanas were quick to want to visit America, even revealing that their are seven of them to their parents. It’s not like it would be hard to do, just get in their Seven Ranger gear and fly on over.

Melody Honey is an interesting character. Never mind her bad (Osakan) accent (although I admire her ability to learn Japanese by watching stand-up comedy; I’m sure she took some schooling, and use the comedies to improve pronunciation), she represents what can happen to Nana when the time comes to confess to Kamichika. What happens if Nana gets into Yasaki Oogi High, and can’t tell Kamichika how she feels?

A cultural highlight comes in when Melody first enters Nana’s home, and tracks mud in along the floor. In Japan, outdoor shoes are not worn inside. (They may be in some houses, but traditionally they are not. When some students and I visited our sensei’s house back in high school, we left our shoes at the door). Many Japanese houses, you take off your shoes then put on slippers to wear indoors, or sandals. At Nana’s place, this seems not to be the case, as Nana often is wearing only her socks, and Melody continues barefoot. I’d have to re-watch prior episodes to see if the Nanas and Grandpa ever wear slippers indoors.

Melody scolds Nana’s English accent, saying it gives her a headache (and Nanappe whispers the same is true about Melody’s Japanese). Personally, I didn’t find anything wrong with Nana’s English accent. Back in my school days, that’s how all the students, native English speakers, sounded reading from a textbook.

When the Nanas finally drop out of the closet, it’s empty. What did they do, hurry and toss everything from inside to under the bed before hiding there? Or is the closet always empty? This is another item where I’d have to check past episodes to see if a stand-alone closet was always there.

Does Grandpa really think he has a chance with Melody, or does he just like showing her around? I suppose she started it, cuddling him when she first met him.

At school, Nana tells Hitomi she’s picking up Melody’s strange Osakan accent more than English. I find this to be similar for me, as well. After watching so many episodes of Azumanga Daioh in English, my thoughts were speaking in Ayumu’s southern accent for over a month. Accents (and mannerisms) can be quite contagious like that. Case in point: Honey uses the “naze?” pose from Osakan stand-up comedy routines.

Of course Nanappe will be the first to crack if the Nanas have to stay in Grandpa’s invention storage house. It’s simply a part of who she is. Just as the previous episode was Nanacchi’s episode, this one becomes Nanappe’s. She works hard not only to prove she can learn to pronounce English (to save the Nanas from being exposed by Melody to their mother), but also to prove that when the time comes, she’ll be able to confess her feelings to Kamichika.

Speaking of Kamichika, we learn that he’s no good with hot foods. This information…might not really mean much. But it does give for a great joke when Nana and Hitomi think she’s working on his English pronunciation.

The bully trio once again attempt to spoil things for Nana, only get deliver her praise by Mr. Handa. Nice try trio, better luck next time. These attempts actually make them rather believeable, and many school bullies are like this, trying again and again to pester someone, even if they fail at it.

When the five Nanas are drawing up fliers, I have to ask: photocopier anyone? I take it Nanasama was tasked with writing the English on the fliers as she’s probably the most familiar with writing the letters (even though she’s no good at pronouncing English). She’s often seen reading Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Is she reading an English translation? Original French? Japanese translation? Too bad the Nana-Maiko got so little screen time.

Do I get to chuckle at Nanappe’s spellling Willie’s name as “Mr Wheeli Campbell”, and writing “melody honey” in all lowercase? No? All right, then. I do commend her ability. I don’t know what skill she started with, but if she were to visit her mother in America, she’d probably be able to get by just fine (assuming she can parse what American’s are saying, if they’re not talking too fast).

This time it’s Nanappe who’s listening to Examinee No. 623, and Mutsumi’s advice, as she studies.

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