This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 7 Commentary

Midnight Snack Munchies! A Cook-off to Help Us Pass Our Exams?

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In Japan, students remain in the same classroom all day while the teachers switch classes. I don’t know if this applies for the fast-track class, but Nana and Kamichika share the same cooking class with the bully trio. The trio are ruthless once again, knocking Nanacchi’s tasty-looking meal to the ground, then blaming her for knocking their own, claiming it was grade-A work when they very well know they were going to fail.

Keeping honest, Hitomi tells Nanacchi that her food wasn’t that good to begin with. Nanacchi is always smiles, however. Her bright and cheerful personality shines through. A couple of times, we see she can be saddened, and worn down, but she always bounces right back.

Each Nana has their own unique method suggested to get Nanacchi to talk. I wonder what Nana, Nanacchi, and Nanasama would use to get someone to talk. Nanappe of course goes for torture, which fits her personality. Nanarin, as a crybaby, would of course be the one to suggest pinching. I would imagine Nanacchi to be one to come up with tickling, but since she’s the victim, Nanakko is the one suggesting it. And, being the weird one, Nanapon suggests stripping her to get Nanacchi to talk.

Likewise, each Nana has their own unique considerations when preparing their meals. While Nanacchi simply enjoys preparing Nana a meal, Nanasama knows that rice gruel is good for someone sick. It’s simple logic on her part which goes into the meal. Nanarin’s was a different rice dish, but is especially won because of Nanacchi’s poor cooking. Nanakko, being the slowpoke, goes with the simple sandwiches. However, she takes the time to present the meal just right, something that would be missed if one rushed the meal. Again, a good match of personality. Next, udon noodles somehow fit Nanappe to a T. It helps that she considered the colder nights, of course. As for Nanapon’s rolled cabbage, that seems a bit different, but that’s Nanapon for you. Through all this, Nanacchi learns and improves, trying to keep as hopeful as she can. Her determination keeps her going almost to the very end. I’m sure she’s learned an extra lesson, to be herself, and not to give up, thanks to Nana’s words.

It must be nice for Nana to have the others around to practice English with. That wasn’t a part of the episode, but when the five Nanas asked Nanacchi, “Do you understand,” and she replied, “Yes”, all in English, it reminds me of how much easier it is to learn a language when you have someone to practice with.

When Nanapon is telling Hitomi about wanting Kamichika to eat their food, she calls him Yuichi-sama. I don’t think I’ve heard any of the Nanas call him Yuichi before. It’s always been Kamichika-kun.

The other Nanas obviously didn’t learn from the week’s cooking lessons. Sure, they prepared the right meals for Nana, and Nanacchi was ready to go with their plan for the cook-off, but it was Nanacchi who realized that rice and eggs was all she and Hitomi needed to win the cook-off.

Kamichika talked to Nanacchi when she was cleaning in the classroom early on in the episode—yay! At the cook-off, he’s just being honest, but Kamichika’s the one who spoke up about Nanacchi’s meal being the better of the two for a midnight snack while studying. He also says he could taste the amount of caring Nanacchi put into making the rice balls and fried eggs. As for the trio, did they really think they could really get by with a French dish including food such as foie gras?

Mr. Handa reveals that he lived in Paris, France as a student. Did he study abroad, or did his family live there for a while?

Nanacchi is almost too happy to have a trio to carry her home. She deserves the ride, after learning so much during the week. Good for you, Nanacchi! This episode has definitely made her my favorite character.

The episode ends with a thoughtful poem by Mutsumi. This alongside his radio show being played in Nana’s room when she was sick implies that we haven’t heard the last of Examinee No. 623.

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