This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 7 Commentary

Oh, Meow? The Demon World is Full of Cats

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

Ercell is as spacey as ever, having completely failed to mention the need to collect five crystal flowers. They are needed to show the strength of ones heart before one may accept the Eternal Tiara as proof of becoming the Platinum Princess. This raises a number of questions in itself. Yucie collected the crystal flower from her own world, and Glenda surely (although not shown) was the one to obtain the demon world’s crystal flower. This means an individual does not need to collect all of the crystal flowers herself. Does the individual need to collect any? Or can Ercell wait for the five crystal flowers to be collected, then use them to show she has the power to be the Platinum Princess, taking the Eternal Tiara as proof, and its wish?

Is Ercell planning something sinister, releasing Cerebrus and collecting crystal flowers through the candidates? Or is she dim-witted, opening passages to other worlds without thought of what may happen?

Each world has its own crystal flower. The first was found in Yucie’s home, the human world. The second was in Glenda’s home, the demon world. The remaining three thus are in the spirit, sky, and fairy worlds.

Why does Mr. Gaga assist Ercell in sending the two candidates into the demon world? And how did Ercell come to contact him? Perhaps all the leaders of the worlds know one another, so Ercell knows of Mr. Gaga? If so, is it possible Glenda had met Ercell in the past, when Glenda was younger? If so, Ercell would know she’s really older than she looks. But that’s all speculation without foundation. I simply wonder why Mr. Gaga let himself be in Ercell’s command, and if he’d do the same for any other world’s queen or king. Mr. Gaga doesn’t seem to be one to speak out against royalty, however.

Glenda has many, many issues with her father. It’s implied that her mother is quite ruthless, with a temper — probably much like Glenda is. Her father on the other hand, although a red-skinned, horned demon, almost seems cuddly, and he decorates the horrible demon world with cute decorations. Just as Glenda is upfront about what she’s thinking, her father seems quite open about how he feels.

At the same time, Glenda has a softer side herself, such as when she found the young kobold hiding. Sure, she has to make sure no one sees her before comforting the tyke; it’s simply a side she doesn’t want anyone to see from the princess of the demon world.

In an earlier episode, Cube seemed to recognize Glenda only because Mr. Gaga was with her, but she recognized him. It’s now told that Glenda’s mother is the one who banned him, so maybe Glenda remembers seeing him before. Or perhaps he’s the only demon actively staying in the human world. Did Cube know Glenda in the past? Even though Cube hasn’t changed too much over the past ten or fifteen years, Glenda hasn’t changed in the past seven years. Also, why did the demon king invite Cube to give him a massage? Why Cube and not someone from the demon world? Has Cube given the demon king massages in the past? Does he do so regularly, even though he’s banned from the demon world? Did he before being banned? Did Cube previously serve the demon king and queen? (He quite agrees with the demon king that the demon queen has a bad temper, so maybe he saw more of her ways prior to her banishing him.) Showing his worth as a loyal retainer, Cube recognizes Yucie even when she’s a cat. He surely would have gone with her, carrying the magical weapon he obtained, had he not been needed by the demon king. Mr. Gaga helps Ercell, and Cube stays with the demon king over Yucie? It seems royalty in power are higher priority than Yucie and Glenda.

The demon king doesn’t seem to care one bit about his wife having banned Cube, and the two laugh over it. Glenda has to enjoy using her magic again, especially zapping her father and Cube after that remark about her mother. She hasn’t been able to use it since arriving in the human world a while back (other than slipping in minor acts), and now she’s had a chance to use it full-force. And she gets her own “magical girl transformation” scene! This followed by a broom flight. If she requires a broom to fly, then I wonder why she was not satisfied with air travel by broom in the previous episode.

Up until now, I was afraid Glenda might ruin the show. This episode has really brought out her character and explained why she is the way she is. She relates how (from her perspective), things always go wrong for her when Yucie is around. With the scene where Glenda reveals her true intention for the Eternal Tiara, she’s become much more awesome a Platinum Princess Candidate than Yucie is, and with much greater goals. Sure, she wants to become an adult the same as Yucie, but she wants to be able to defeat opponents such as Meow the First. She wants to see her father be more serious. She wants her mother to return home. All right, I admit, that does sound a bit selfish of her, no different than Yucie’s wish, but Glenda is looking out for the good of the demon world. She is, after all, its princess, with elegant beauty and fantastic magical powers.

I like the idea of the demon king and Cube using the crystal ball to watch Glenda and Yucie, only to reveal it saves the vision as a video for the demon king to add to his collection. He finally has a video of Glenda with a new friend.

With the second crystal flower in place, Ercell seems happy. She seemed concerned when adding the first crystal flower.

Poor Cocoloo appears only at the end in this episode. She appears rather glum watching Yucie and Glenda argue over a job at the job board. Why does she look so down? Is it because she was excluded from the fun? Or will she reveal to Yucie that she, too, is a Platinum Princess candidate, and really 17 years old, wanting to wish to become an adult? (It makes sense: five worlds, a piece of the Eternal Tiara, and scenes with Yucie (human world), Cocoloo (unknown world), Glenda (demon world), a winged girl (sky world), and a girl with a fairy (fairy world). This leaves Cocoloo’s world as the spirit world (which is surely confirmed with the preview of the next episode showing a small ghost).

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