This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 6 Commentary

Could It Be Him? The Encounter Comes Without Notice

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

A mysterious man appears and wants to know about the Eternal Tiara. Could it be the missing new character joins the cast: Could it be Prince Arrow? He has he right hair color, the same stance holding his sword, and is being sought by castle guards who won’t say why they’re searching for him. (Never mind the nearly-matching English voices between him and the young prince.) Add to this that the prince has been missing for some time.

For now, this person is Arc, and a bit of a flatterer. Even though he knows he cannot stay, he suggests he’d take the Sister up on such a request if she’d stay the night with him. This is when he first truly refers to Yucie as a child — as she protests his request of the Sister — and has probably shaped how he’ll see her for some time to come. He repeatedly refers to her as a child, and will probably continue throughout the series, giving Yucie a greater push to prove she’s not a child. Arc is sure to invoke Yucie’s “beedah” face again and again as well, as he did at the church with his straightforward words.

Arc is looking for information on the Eternal Tiara, and he knew Lord Drago would know about it. Just how does Drago know about the Eternal Tiara? Arc said he sought a dragon that had lived over 1,000 years, so Lord Drago may very well have known the previous Platinum Princess. For that matter, how does Arc know so much about the Platinum Princess, and what does he want to know about the Eternal Tiara? And why? (Surely he doesn’t expect to become the next Platinum Princess and have a wish granted!)

Yucie really breaks up emotionally when Arc doesn’t believe someone like her is a Platinum Princess candidate. Must be karma, as she didn’t believe Arc when he said he was Prince Arrow. Also, Arc says the Platinum Princess needs a strong heart, dignity, and intelligence. This leads, of course, to calling Yucie a child again.

Yucie had a very Love Hina moment when she ran off, telling Arc, “Don’t follow me!”

Lord Drago has a water attack where he spits a large stream of water. Do the townspeople ever call upon him to put out large fires?

I can’t tell Cerberus’s non-fire attacks, unless they’re three types of fire. Arc’s sword, or his own ability, is able to hold back these attacks, whether elemental or magical in nature. What kind of power does Arc hold?

Glenda can fly on a broomstick, but doesn’t seem to like the idea. Can she fly without it? Or does she have a better item? Or would she simply rather walk? She also has the power to send Cerebrus back to the demon world. Also, someone else has the power to open the passage between the human and demon worlds, and did so without permission. This allowed the vicious Cerberus to escape in the first place. Unintended consequence, or intended malice? Either way, once Glenda rules the world, she’ll give whoever did it what’s coming to them.

Poor Cocoloo didn’t have much of a presence once more. She’s a quick thinker to give the breakfast tray to “Sister Yucie” as if she were the intended recipient, rather than Arc whom the castle guard was trying to locate.

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