Playing Around a Bit with Drupal

Today I considered the possibility of switching over from Drupal to WordPress. I originally tried WordPress before Drupal, and preferred the control Drupal gives over URLs. Now that I have this site running on Drupal, and another one on WordPress, I really like the simplicity of WordPress. It also helps that WordPress is easier on the server. Unfortunately, when I tried migrating from Drupal back to WordPress, I found I didn’t have enough control over the URLs.

Searching WordPress’s forums, and looking via Google, didn’t get me the answers I was looking for. If I could use slashes in the “post slug”, then I’d be set.

If I can find a way around the URL problem, I might still migrate to WordPress, but the longer I wait, the more work it will be.

I feel like Genie in Disney’s Aladdin. He has phenomenal cosmic power, but is confined to an itty-bitty living space. Once he becomes free of his lamp, he’s left with semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic powers. For me, Drupal is the chained Genie. I have all this power, but must work my way through the living space (Drupal code) to use it. WordPress is the free Genie, able to live more comfortably at the expense of some of the greater magic.

There were two reasons I looked into WordPress again. One was for a “blog”-like set-up. The other was for allowing comments on these “blog” posts. For this, I’m trying out a hybrid Drupal/WordPress set-up. This way, I won’t have to bother with Drupal ignoring my URL I set for a post, using its own idea of a URL based on the post title instead (at least for “blog” posts). Watch out with pathauto, if you don’t realize completely its purpose and how to use it! I’m fine with creating my own URLs manually for the site, so disabling pathauto did the trick.

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