This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 5 Commentary

Memories... A Garden From a Time Far Away

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

Poor Yucie still has to struggle with being called a kid. She might have a better case against it if she wasn’t too small and weak to handle most of the jobs around the farm, and if she didn’t run away like a child when a grasshopper greets her. With all her inabilities, she’s left uncertain of whether she can be the Platinum Princess. After saving the farm (and a talk with Cocoloo prior), she probably has a lot more confidence. Will future jobs get her down so much, or will she trust in herself from now on?

After Yucie previously mentioned being saved by the prince, and wanting to thank him, the past event has now been revealed. If Yucie was about three or four years old in the flashback, and the prince was about six or seven years old, then he’s probably about 20 years old today, as Yucie is 17.

Yucie made her cute “beedah” face again, this time at Douglas.

Cocoloo has quickly become a good, close friend of Yucie’s. While Yucie’s father would acknowledge Yucie’s lack of her normal cheer, only to trust her word when she says otherwise, and while Cube might not say anything due to it being out of place, Cocoloo is very upfront about it. She won’t accept Yucie saying he’s as cheerful as ever. And the advice she gives is better than anything Yucie could get from her father and Cube this time.

Glenda continues with her “Princess of the Demon World, with elegant beauty and fantastic magical powers” line. This one is going to follow with her for some time, I can tell. Looking at the flowers against the setting sun, Glenda again shows her good side, although she has to quickly cover when Yucie calls her on it. This will probably stick with her as well, being a good person inside, but having expectations as a demon to uphold.

The ending really pulled the episode together as the flowers finally bloomed to reveal they were the same as the young prince helped Yucie find long ago. Yucie probably had trouble finding them back then as they only bloom at a certain time of day.

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