This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 5 Commentary

Decision Time! Yuichi's First-Choice High School?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

I’ve started using “Mr. Handa” and “Mr. Maruoka” in place of “the assistant principal” and “the guidance counsellor”, as they’re much shorter to type. I don’t know if these names have been used in the Japanese version yet, but they’ve been used in the dub since episode two, I believe. I’m continuing to use “Kamichika” instead of “Yuichi” because Nana and Hitomi refer to him by his family name in the Japanese version.

Character building has begun with this episode. Nana is focused only on wanting to be with Kamichika, and doesn’t think about his privacy. Amazing that it took a whole town trying to see Kamichika’s high school choice for her to get the message. Hopefully this will be a lesson she takes with her. She also showed strength in her decision to do something about the problem Nanapon created, rather than sulking about how Hitomi was right about Kamichika’s paper being private information.

The scene where Nana leads the class in bowing (kiritsu! rei!) reminded me of my own years in Japanese class. Nothing beats nostalgia.

Nanapon shows a characteristic that’s probably true for all the Nanas: why clean right now when you can watch television instead? She’s probably the only one who’d actually try hypnotising the other Nanas into cleaning, though.

Nanakko is gullible to a fault. This could defintely be used in a future episode.

Mr. Handa and Mr. Maruoka were quite dedicated in keeping a single student’s paper hidden. They seem quite rough around the edges at times, but they take pride in their jobs and respect their students.

Hitomi really takes action as she sets aside her nervousness to ask Kamichika his school choice. I have to wonder how importantly she values her education, though. I’m sure Hiyama High is one of the higher classes, as Hitomi’s in the Fast-Track class, so maybe it’s all right for her to choose it over other choices simply because it has cool uniforms.

Kamichika’s high school choice is one of the top schools. If Nana wants to join him in Yasaka Oogi High, she’ll have to work harder than any student in the Fast-Track class. I still forsee trouble for her future, because if she gets into Yasaka Oogi, things can only be more difficult from there.

I hope Kamichika somehow forgot to load film into his camera. It would be awkward if he found many photos of Nana on it after waking up and developing the film.

The place where Nanapon finds Kamichika’s school choice hanging is at a shrine where students hang their school choice for luck in their entrance exams. I don’t know if this one is a Shinto shrine or a Buddhist temple, but both are visited commonly on the New Year for this purpose.

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