This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 4 Commentary

The Birth of the Exam Squadron, Nana Rangers?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

Even Hitomi finds it confusing to have seven Nanas all named Nana, so she Hitomi has given each a unique name: hot-tempered Nanappe (red), smiling Nanacchi (yellow), crybaby Nanarin (yellow-green), laid-back Nanakko (orange), cool and collected Nanasama (green), and strange Nanapon (violet).

Nanacchi easily gets distracted by fun things. The TV show part doesn’t make as much sense in the English dub, as in the Japanese it’s an English-language program. Well, Nana was supposed to be studying English that night, after all. Watching some English television is close enough, right?

When it’s sensitive Nanarin’s turn, she simply reads a sad novel, her crying disrupting Nana’s studies. Nana probably didn’t realize she could be so troublesome.

Easy-going Nanakko helps out with math. That is, if you call a color-by-number puzzle “math”. That’s about as laid-back as it gets.

You’d think intelligent Nanasama would be the first and best choice to help Nana. While she’s an expert at the math material, she’s no good at teaching it. All she does is confuse poor Nana. I know how that can be, and it’s definitely the fault of the teacher if a willing-to-learn student is left lost.

The strange Nana, Nanapon the Psychic, is quite sure of her powers. After seeing the end of the episode, I may just be inclined to agree.

Nanapon definitely is headstrong and aggressive. She needs to learn to take her prism with her first if she’s going to start a fight with a biker gang, though.

The trio appear again. They didn’t seem quite as bad as before, although they still walk all over Nana, even after she does them a favor. Hot-headed Nanapon needs to go out in Nana’s place more often to take care of that.

The mayor and Grandpa play their board game again. The mayor also runs the “7 of Seven” convenience store nearby. Interesting shop name, mayor. So, is it a family business, or does being a mayor pay so little that he needs a job on the side? And yet he still finds time to play board games with Grandpa.

The other Nanas are quite excited to act as the Seven Rangers, but Nana is left rather embarrassed. Hitomi said previously that Nana’s emotions used to be more extreme when she was younger. As Nana got older, she probably suppressed this more outward part of herself, allowing the other Nanas to enjoy being the Seven Rangers more than she can.

The mayor has allowed the Seven Rangers to keep the costumes as thanks for helping him out.

Thanks to Nanapon’s psychic abilities, Nana was able to get into the Fast-Track class, alongside Hitomi and Kamichika. She may think the hardest part is over, but it’s only just become. The Fast-Track class is for the best students. Nana will surely have to keep up with the hard work for the rest of the year being in such a class, won’t she?

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