This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Petite Princess Yucie: Episode 4 Commentary

What'll I Do? Hairball Panic!

Collage of Petite Princess Yucie screenshots.

This was a fluff episode in every sense of the word. The characters each take on another job. Cocoloo gets little screen time, part of which she has not much of a presence. There are plenty of great scenes with Glenda and the griffin, as Mr. Gaga reminds her she’s banned from using her “fantastic magic” while in the human world. Yucie’s absentmindedness causes problems, only to learn it probably would have happened anyways. Also, Yucie and Glenda once again argue about how Yucie is a child, but so is Glenda, only Glenda really isn’t, and neither is Yucie.

Moments for Glenda start with her waiting behind the job board for Yucie to arrive, simple to show off the wonderful job she has. After all, what good is getting one of the better jobs if you can’t rub it in your rival’s face? Mid-job, Glenda again tries to resort to using magic to solve her problems. I’m surprised she didn’t tell Mr. Gaga to battle the griffin in her place, much like she had him handle the manual labor in her previous job in the sweets shop. Speaking of sweets, she may be the princess of the Demon World, but Glenda has nothing against munching down a huge vanilla ice cream cone.

Other than a running gag where Yucie says Mokurin’s name, only to have it pounce on her (“I said you’re heavy…”), Yucie’s moment in this episode is when she realizes the job wasn’t as simple as she thought it would be. Will she take this lesson with her into the following episodes, or will she remain as carefree and overly confident as ever? (Poor Yucie when she thought Glenda’s ice cream cone was one of the mini-Mokurins!)

Cube returns to Yucie’s side once more, ready and willing to help her out in a time of need. (His magical items thankfully aren’t always the solution to Yucie’s troubles.) Glenda and Mr. Gaga can learn from the teamwork of these two.

My favorite scene? The double-take in the wig shop. After what the shopkeeper and the buyer just saw, the only thing they really could do was start over again, don’t you think?

In the end, Yucie’s pendant shimmers. What about Glenda’s? Did she do a good job tutoring, or is she falling behind further? Are any of her jobs resulting in her pendant glowing, or does her heart need a lot more work?

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