This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 3 Commentary

Do Seven Nanas Make One Nana?

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

May has arrived, and it’s Golden Week.

The Nanas finally have a way to leave the house without being recognized, and it gives them a chance to use the powers of their prisms at that. Studying for high school exams and playing super hero at the same time—who saw that coming?

Grandpa and the mayor are friends, and probably knew each other since before the mayor was in office. Will they have more interactions?

Kamichika continues his photo-taking hobby. He’s quite particular either about taking the right photos or about the characters from the Seven Rangers show he watched as a child, or perhaps both, as he wouldn’t take a photo of the Seven Rangers unless all seven were present.

The assistant principal and guidance counselor either have no faith in their students, or have had trouble in the past, with students looking at exam questions in advance. It’s only natural, of course, for him to want to guard these questions, as he only wants the best and brightest students in his fast-track class, to show how wonderful his school is. Even with an excuse such as wanting to go in and change into costumes for a show, the guidance counselor wasn’t about to let the trio into that school. And the assistant principal must really enjoy his job, getting to set up traps like that net.

Just before Nana’s prism transforms the costume, she was thinking about losing Kamichika. Could this be the secret to greater powers? She becomes physically more “adult” after the transformation—is this an actual change with her, or just the outfit? Probably the latter.

Nana has decided not to keep things from the other Nanas. Just because she’s the one who’ll be in class with Kamichika doesn’t mean the other Nanas are not a part of her. Hitomi taught her a great lesson about that. I have to wonder, though: if Nana thought the other Nanas were going to steal the exam questions, does she think she herself might do that in their position? If she thought about what she would do in that position, would she have realized what they were really up to? Do the Nanas do anything Nana wouldn’t do if she didn’t keep her emotions (and embarrassment level) in check?

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