This is a episode commentary. It is intended for someone who has seen this episode, and will contain episode spoilers.

Seven of Seven: Episode 2 Commentary

Chaos! All 7 of Us Go To School!

Collage of Seven of Seven screenshots.

Each Nana wears pajamas in her respective color. I wonder if the original Nana’s favorite color was blue initially, or if she became partial to blue after being split.

Nana’s school is called Kotomachi Public Junior High School 3.

The school’s assistant principal and guidance counselor are introduced. While the bully trio try to alert Nana as suspicious to them, the guidance counselor has watched over her and found each Nanas’ unique personality a good point. He seems to be on top of what’s going on in the school. He’s also very strict, confiscating anything the students try to take into the school which they don’t need (such as lipstick or jewellery). Both the assistant principle Mr. Honda and the guidance counselor have good English voices.

When the prism is in the oven, it becomes whole, with the wandering rainbow-colored lights, but when out of the oven it separates into seven prisms again. The hot-tempered angry Nana takes the red prism. The cool and collected smart Nana takes green. The smiling happy Nana takes yellow. It’s yellow-green for the crybaby Nana. The slightly strange Nana takes violet, and the original Nana blue. This leaves the orange prism for the laid-back slowpoke Nana.

When the Nanas argue over who’ll get to go to school, Veronica Taylor’s individual voices for the characters begin to show. The personalities of each Nana are beginning to show, as well. Notably, Slowpoke-Nana is seen with the plush fish doll her parents sent in the package from episode one. She’s certainly the most suitable of the Nanas to go around carrying a stuffed animal.

The scene where the Nanas are plotting out who’ll touch Kamichika’s hand first, showing mini-Nanas all adoring Kamichika’s hand, that was somewhat disturbing…

The assistant principle and guidance counselor saw six same-faced Nanas fly up above. Will this carry over into future episodes, or will they chalk it up to shared delusion? (Similarly, the seven Nanas gave their gift to Kamichika at the same time in the first episode, but cherry blossom petals covered their faces, and they were in a crowd, so he probably didn’t realize it was seven of the same person, let alone Nana, who gave him the gift.)

There was good use for setting up Nana’s calming the Crybaby-Nana, as the technique she used is seen earlier when Grandpa is comforting Nana after the other Nanas tease her.

As Nana’s best friend, Hitomi can tell which Nana is which. I wonder if Grandpa can also tell. Then again, he’s still having trouble remembering that there are seven Nanas.

Just as the Nanas accept being seven, they learn they’ll vanish if they don’t become one again in a year. Let’s never mind that Grandpa doesn’t seem to have any test cases to base this information off of. It adds to the show’s premise.

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