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Forget Realism, Let’s Have Some Magic

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Over at Borderline Hikikomori, Crisu writes about attempting a lecture on mahou shoujo. To this, Damien Kellis of Moe Check! responds with a piece on shoujo versus shounen. Considering that I’ve spent over four hours over the past two weekends working on an unfinished, content-light Cardcaptor Sakura post, I’m thoughtful on which magical girl series I’ve seen and enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy), and why.


Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

For Easter, I present a story of sweets, told in five photos.


Running Around the Corner

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Doremi follows after Akatsuki, but he’s vanished and Doremi instead runs around a corner into Hazuki. Hazuki uses the adverb “bikkuri”, meaning “suprise”, along with the auxiliary verb (helping verb) “suru” (do) in its past tense form “shita” (did).

This scene takes place in Ojamajo Doremi ♯, episode 25. On the Taiwan box set release, it’s roughly 1:54:40 into the DVD.

(Y-you) startled (me).

Learning the Piano and Violin

Friday, October 12th, 2007

I’m not sure about the form of narau (learn) in this dialogue. It sounds like Hazuki says “naratteruno”, but a search turns up no matches of this form of this verb. I have little confidence in my hearing of this word.

The following is from Ojamajo Doremi ♯, episode 19. On the Taiwan box set release, it’s roughly 01:29:00 into the DVD. The scene is when Nanako is recounting to Aiko, Onpu, and Poppu the events when young Hazuki learned young Doremi lied to her about what happened to the class rabbit. Young Masaru explained the reason for young Doremi’s actions, and young Hazuki approaches young Doremi to apologize for her reaction.

どれみちゃん、ピアノ 慣らってるの?
どれみちゃん、ピアノ ならってるの?
Doremi-chan, piano naratteruno?
Doremi, are you learning (to play) the piano?
うん、おかあさんに ちょとね。
un, okaasan-ni chotte ne
Yes, a little by my mother.
わたしも ヴァイオリンを 慣らってるの。
わたしも ヴァイオリンを ならってるの。
watashi-mo violin-o naratteruno
I’m also learning (to play) the violin.

Fairies, Hide!

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

The following is from Ojamajo Doremi ♯, episode 19. On the Taiwan box set release, it’s roughly 01:25:10 into the DVD. In this scene, Aiko and Onpu have failed at their attempts to bring Doremi and Hazuki back together. The two are sulking at Flower Shop Mahodo, and Poppu is with them. Their fairies, Mimi, Roro, and Fafa are also with them, as well as the fairy Lala. A chime alerts them that a customer has entered the shop, so the fairies need to get out of sight.

Mimi, Fafa, Roro, kakurete!
Mimi, Fafa, Roro, hide!

Here, Lala uses kakureru in the imperative te form, which is explained on page 32 of Japanese Verbs at a Glance by Naoko Chino: The -te form can be used by itself to make informal commands among family or close friends.